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Accounts Payable Vendors

State Farm® focuses on being our customers' first and best choice in the products and services we provide. We expect nothing less from the vendors we buy products and services from. We are striving to provide newer, more efficient means of interacting with our vendors. State Farm processes payments for thousands of vendors, both within the United States and Internationally. With this in mind, we have developed the following information which we hope will help you better understand our Centralized Accounts Payable process.

Our Operation

State Farm's Accounts Payable department in centrally located in Bloomington, Illinois. We process payments for all our operation centers located in the United States and Canada. We are open from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time Monday thru Friday.

Some of our key objectives are:

  • Pay what we owe
  • Reduce costs through economies of scale
  • Consistent processing and aging of payables
  • Improved invoice tracking
  • Efficient cash management
  • Increased research capabilities
  • Create a center of expertise
  • Efficient routing and approval process
  • Utilize electronic commerce

Our definition of an Accounts Payable Vendor is:

Any provider of goods/services that State Farm contracts with on a one-time or recurring basis. (Vendors that provide services for claims or are part of our Service First® Program are not considered an Accounts Payable vendor.)

State Farm's promise to you as a vendor:

  • Pay what we owe in the most efficient manner and pay according to agreed upon terms.
  • Offer vendors multiple payment options (Check, Electronic Funds Transfer, etc.) (See Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments below)
  • Provide outstanding customer service and address any needs you may have in working with or receiving payment from State Farm.
  • Act with honesty and integrity and present a consistent message to all our vendors.

Expectations of Accounts Payable Vendors

As an Accounts Payable vendor to State Farm, we expect you to work with the appropriate State Farm contacts to:

  • Understand our business environment, strategies, and needs.
  • Provide accurate, timely invoices for goods/services rendered.
  • Provide accurate W-9 information to verify tax identification and 1099 reportable payments. (See "1099 Reportable Payments" link in the left nav)
  • Work with State Farm's Purchasing Division on procurement and contract related activities. Purchasing will manage the procurement process, which includes issuing Requests for Proposals, contracting for the required products and services, securing pricing, verifying invoice accuracy, and initiating payments.
  • Help resolve any issues such as address and billing errors, payment terms, and other contract compliance issues.
  • Act with honesty and integrity and present a consistent message to all contacts within State Farm.

Confidentiality Policy

We expect your company to adhere to the provisions of the confidentiality provisions of the NDA. Specifically, your acceptance of our request for your services and your performance of those services is expressly conditioned on and subject to your agreement that:

  • You will not use customer information we provide for any purpose other than the specific services we are asking you to perform.
  • You will disclose or share customer information we provide only to the extent necessary to accomplish the services that we request.
  • In the course of your business dealings with State Farm, you may learn of or have access to certain confidential, patent, copyright, business, trade secret, proprietary, or other like information or products of State Farm or of State Farm's other vendors, consultants, suppliers, or customers. You agree to keep all such information strictly confidential.

1099 Reportable Payments

As a vendor to State Farm, we are required by the Internal Revenue Service to have a Form W-9 on file to verify tax identification and 1099 reportable payments. All vendors are expected to sign, and either fax or mail the completed W-9 verifying their tax information to State Farm. Failure to return a completed and signed copy of this document may result in your organization being placed in backup withholding status.

Assessment Considerations

This information has been provided to give you a general idea of State Farm's Accounts Payable process. It does not supersede any written agreements you may have with State Farm. Please direct requests for additional information or questions to:

FSS-Accounts Payable
State Farm Insurance
3 State Farm Plaza South, P-4
Bloomington, IL 61791-0001
Phone: 1-877-825-1122
Fax: 1-214-257-9500