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Mortgage Billing & Payment System

Step 4: Payment History & Payment Details

The Payment History and Payment Details screens are available to view your most recent payment or a payment made in the last 2 years.

Use the Advance Search to isolate just those payments that contain a particular policy or payment you would like to view.

You can Remove a payment bundle and return it back to your Pay Cart for corrections.

Click on View Details to see the individual policies contained in each payment.

While in the Payment Details screen you can Print the payment or Download an XML formatted file to help you update the loan record.

Payment History

Payment History - page top Payment History - page bottom

Payment Details

Payment Details - page top Payment Details - page bottom

If you would like to be considered for the Mortgagee Billing and Payment Application, please add your company to the waiting list by submitting the B2B Lender Access Request Form. In order to streamline the routing of your request, please note "Mortgagee Billing and Payment Application" within the comments section of the form. Our service team will process the enrollments in the order they are received.