Expectations of Accounts Payable Vendors

As an Accounts Payable vendor to State Farm, we expect you to work with the appropriate State Farm contacts to:

  • Understand our business environment, strategies, and needs.
  • Provide accurate, timely invoices for goods/services rendered.
  • Provide accurate W-9 information to verify tax identification and 1099 reportable payments. (See "1099 Reportable Payments" link in the left nav)
  • Work with State Farm's Purchasing Division on procurement and contract related activities. Purchasing will manage the procurement process, which includes issuing Requests for Proposals, contracting for the required products and services, securing pricing, verifying invoice accuracy, and initiating payments.
  • Help resolve any issues such as address and billing errors, payment terms, and other contract compliance issues.
  • Act with honesty and integrity and present a consistent message to all contacts within State Farm.