Auto Glass Facilities

Program Overview

State Farm's Glass Claims Services glass program is an effort to encourage competition, improve efficiency, and better manage glass only claims. The program increases service to the policyholder for the repair and replacement of car, truck, recreational vehicle, and customized van glass. All glass facilities, which repair or replace automobile glass, have an opportunity to participate in the program as long as they are able to enter into a contract with State Farm and agree to the prices, billing procedures, and other quality requirements provided in State Farm's Offer and Acceptance Agreement.

The Glass Claims Services Unit handles all of our auto "glass only" claims. Exceptions to this include Canada and the state of Massachusetts. Claim processing is handled by LYNX Services, a Solera Company, our Glass Claim Administrator.

LYNX Services' relationship with State Farm is based on a contract whereby LYNX Services provides claim administration services. LYNX Services is an independent contractor and not an agent of State Farm.