Repair Versus Replacement

Windshield repair must be satisfactory

If the customer is not satisfied with the repair, State Farm will pay for the replacement of the windshield. The cost of the repair is credited toward the replacement to avoid overpayment of the claim. If the windshield must be replaced, the applicable deductible will apply to the replacement claim.

Windshield repairs are convenient

Repairs take approximately 30 minutes. In most cases, the repair shop has a mobile service that can come to the policyholder's home or work location to perform the work. Or, policyholders can take the vehicle to a local repair facility and have the repair handled while they wait.

Windshield repair retains the structural integrity of the glass

Windshield repair is a permanent process that removes air from the break and fills it with a durable resin. The process bonds the glass to the resin, restores strength to the windshield, improves the break's appearance and prevents the break from spreading.

Windshield repair maintains the original factory seal

The windshield does not need to be removed, so the original factory seal will not be disturbed.

Windshield repair is environmentally friendly

Since the glass does not have to be replaced, less glass will be discarded into landfills.

State Farm is interested, on behalf of our customers, in holding down claim costs, but at the same time customer safety and satisfaction are most important. Windshield repairs should only be completed when they will be safe and assure customer satisfaction.

What might some of these repairable breaks look like? Here are illustrations of the small breaks that likely are repairable:

example of separation break example of bullseye break example of star break example of half-moon break example of combination break