Welcome to the State Farm® Business to Business Portal

An issue has been found that is causing a delay for some vendors viewing of EORs. At this time, there is no work around. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Vendors who previously utilized SFEPI.com to view remittances, may now view these payment details through this B2B site. We are experiencing high call volume due to this recent transition, so please review these message points before contacting the EFT Support Team.

  1. Select Service program
    1. Your business did not receive a registration email. Select Service users are already registered on B2B.
    2. Please determine who in your office is the B2B account Administrator and request they add you as an additional user.
  2. Locating the View Remittance application
    1. The “View Remittance” link is in the right hand navigation column once you have logged in to B2B.
  3. Cannot see payments
    1. Select “view” on the appropriate zip code line and scroll down below zip code list.

If this does not resolve your issue, please include the following information in your communication to the EFT Support Team.

  • First Name/Last Name of the person that needs access to the website
  • Email address
  • Full Business Name
  • Full Business Address
  • Direct Phone Number
  • Last four digits of Tax ID Number (TIN)