State Farm® Secure Messaging Center

Do you need to communicate securely with State Farm®? If so, the State Farm Secure Messaging Center is available for business use. The State Farm Secure Messaging Center enables you to send and receive encrypted emails to and from State Farm quickly, easily, and securely.

What are the benefits of using the State Farm Secure Messaging Center?

  • It's a free service – no need to purchase a secure messaging product and pay for licenses
  • Save on alternative mailing costs (e.g. US postage, fax, courier services)
  • Protect confidential, sensitive, privileged or trade secret information exchanged through email messages
  • Provide password protection, which controls the individuals who can access sensitive information
  • Help prevent data tampering

State Farm Secure Messaging Center Upgrade

State Farm recently upgraded its Secure Messaging Center.

If you were a user of the previous Secure Messaging Center, you will still have access to your address book in that system, but will no longer have the ability to read and reply to emails. Once you register for the new system, secure emails that you receive from State Farm will come to your personal email address in the form of a secured PDF.

To register for the new Secured Messaging Center:

  • Contact your State Farm business partner and request a new secured email message.
  • Follow the instructions on the "State Farm Secure Messaging Center: Registration Notification" message to register for our new State Farm Secure Messaging Center.
  • Once you register, your secure message will arrive in your inbox, protected with the password you chose during the new State Farm Secure Messaging Center registration process. Further instructions for how to read that message will accompany that email.

Need Help?

Visit the State Farm Secure Messaging Center Help for further assistance.