Eligibility and Claim Status Operating Rules

CORE Rule Version for Connectivity


Details on the message format and the supported transactions

State Farm Health Division supports the CORE II 270 Connectivity rule for Eligibility and Claim Status in Real Time only, version 2.2.0.

Details about the entity's ASC X12 Interchange

Example - Will an interchange contain multiple functional groups; will the TA1 be in its own interchange without any functional group(s).

Example in PDF

Value of ReceiverID for that site


Production and Testing URLs for Real time (only)

SOAP: https://services.statefarm.com/b2b/core/soap
MIME: https://services.statefarm.com:3443/b2b/core/mime

SOAP: https://services.tcidv.statefarm.com/b2b/core/soap
MIME: https://services.tcidv.statefarm.com:3443/b2b/core/mime

Maximum size of Batch files that can be received by the Server

The maximum number of Real time transactions that can be sent per minute by a single Trading Partner is 10.

Authentication/Authorization policies using either X.509 Client Certificates or User ID and Password

Example - How to enroll and obtain a Client Certificate or UserID and Password to connect to that Receiver.

Email to HLTH-MEDICAL PROVIDERS Entity Name, primary contact, phone number, TIN, NPI (if applicable), email address. Once registered, User ID and Password will be communicated via email.

System Availability as required by Phase I CORE 157 System Availability Rule version 1.1.0 and Phase II CORE 250 Claim Status Rule version 2.1.0, 4.6: Claim Status System Availability

This system is virtually available 24/7 365 days. However, there are daily and weekly maintenance windows for the system components that could result in temporary unavailability. Any Scheduled Maintenance, Non-Routine, or Unscheduled system downtown will be reported as required in CORE II 270 Rule.

Business/Technical points of contact