Health Care Claim Payment/Advice (835)


Health Care Claim Payment/Advice (835)
ASC X12N 835 (005010X221A1)


Uniform Standard Companion Guide for Health Care Payment Remittance Advice Electronic Transaction ASC X12N 835 (005010X221A1)

This Transaction is performed in Batch mode, and is available through our Trading Partners.

Affordable Care Act

CORE Operating Rules, specific to the ERA/EFT transactions, are supported. For additional information, regarding each Rule, see the "ERA & EFT Operating Rules page".

ERA Enrollment

It is important you establish a connection with one of the clearinghouses below prior to enrolling with State Farm - Health.

Enrolling requires access to a secure site. Please complete the Contact Us Health Division form to initiate your registration into the secure site.

Change Healthcare, f.k.a. Emdeon

State Farm - Health Payer ID is 31053
Contact Change Healthcare at 866-924-4634 for connection information.

Utah Health Information Network (UHIN)

State Farm's UHIN Trading Partner number is: HT005054-001.
Contact UHIN at 877-693-3071 for additional connection information.

CAQH - CORE 270 Connectivity Rule (Safe Harbor)

ERA File Retrieval

ERA (835) files are available for retrieval via the Safe Harbor Method of Retrieval for 90 days from the date they are created. Each file retrieval request will result in a single file response if a file is available for the sender of the request for the date requested. If no file is available for the date requested, the response will contain an Error Code of “No File Found” and an Error Message of “No File for date requested available”.

Files are named with the following naming convention. The first component of the file name is your receiver ID, the second component is the date of the file you are requesting, and the third component is STATE FARM’s identifier followed by the type of file it is.

DEG 7, Preference for Aggregation of Remittance Data is where obtain your preference for your receiver ID.


The following request would retrieve the above file.


Note: Normal processing will result in one file per Business day when remits were processed. However, we are aware that an anomaly to our processing could result in a second file being created for a given Business day. If this occurs you will be contacted and instructions will be provided on how to retrieve this exception file.

Error Handling

If the username and/or password included in the request are not valid an HTTP 403 error response will be returned.

Envelope Processing Status and Error Codes are handled per section of CORE Phase II 270 rule.