Replacement Program: FAQs

What is State Farm Replacement Program?

State Farm Replacement Program is an in-house replacement service to assist fire claim handlers in settling policyholder losses.

Why does State Farm have a replacement program?

State Farm secures negotiated pricing with our vendors to replace covered personal property for our policyholders. These savings can be passed on to our policyholders.

Who are State Farm Replacement Program customers?

State Farm Replacement Program may be utilized by State Farm policyholders.

Who pays for shipping?

State Farm pays for normal shipping cost.

How long until I get paid?

State Farm's payment policy is Net 30 from a correct invoice.

Does State Farm have any electronic requirements I will need to meet?

Depending on your company's products and services, State Farm may require minimum electronic requirements. These can be discussed with a buyer.

Where's the Diamond Database? Is it coming back?

No. Please refer to the 'Preferred Suppliers' list.

If you have access to a diamond sourcing network, and they list stones from approved State Farm suppliers, you can use these sites to select stones.