Replacement Program: Jewelry

Brief Summary of the State Farm Replacement Program for Jewelry:

  1. Claim Handler contacts policyholder to discuss the replacement.
  2. Claim Handler and policyholder choose a participating Jeweler.
  3. Claim Handler completes the "Jewelry Replacement Quotation Form" and faxes or mails form to Jeweler.
  4. Jeweler contacts policyholder to set up an appointment.
  5. Jeweler assists the policyholder in identifying an item of "similar property".
  6. Jeweler contacts the Claim Handler to advise of the replacement. If policyholder and Claim Handler approve the replacement, Jeweler collects the deductible from policyholder, if applicable, and replaces jewelry.
  7. Jeweler sends the Quotation Form and an invoice to Replacement Program for payment.
  8. Replacement Program issues payment to Jeweler.
New Jeweler Application Form
State Farm Replacement Program Jewelry Invoice