Federal Wire Payments - Wire Payment Instructions

To ensure properly identified payment, the Wire Transfer Memo must be complete, including Amount, Tax Identification Number, and Trace Number. The custody bank receiving the transfer will return any payment not meeting these requirements.

The Payment must be wired and received in State Farm's account at the custody bank on or before the State Farm Due Date.

The amount of payment wired to the custody bank should equal the total in the remittance detail sent to State Farm.

The custody bank will not accept checks mailed through the Post Office as payment.

Any problems delaying the transfer of payment must be communicated to the Mortgagee Relations area at State Farm Corporate Headquarters.

Wire Payment Format

  1. ABA Routing and Transit: 011001234
  2. Receiving Bank Name: Bank of New York Mellon
  3. City and State: New York, NY
  4. Beneficiary Name: State Farm Wire Clearing
  5. Beneficiary Account Number: 0000106151
  6. Amount: $__________.__
  7. For Reference to Text: For further CR to State Farm Fire CAS 7120938400
  8. Reference to the Beneficiary: RFB = trace number (contents of TRN02)
    Originator to Beneficiary Information: OBI = your tax id:ICA# appointed by State Farm

*For EDI Trading Partners, your ICA code is character positions 11-13 located in the BIG02 in the 811 file.

*For Online Billing and Payment users, your ICA code is the last three characters of the trace number of your online file.