Obtaining a Property & Casualty Claim Number

Sending the assigned Property and Casualty Claim Number in electronic medical bills is the best way to ensure the bills are associated to the claim.

To obtain the Property and Casualty Claim Number, you can contact the patient or call the patient’s State Farm® claim representative.

Submitting the Property & Casualty Claim Number in an Electronic Health Care Claim Transaction

For State Farm®, the data length of a claim number is typically 9 characters (some claim numbers could be 7 characters if a policy state has not yet been assigned).  

In an electronic health care claim transaction, the P&C Claim Number is required to be mapped to the Property and Casualty Claim Number REF segment using the reference qualifier of Y4 at either the Subscriber Loop (2010BA) or at the Patient loop (2010CA).   For electronic bills, the P&C Claim Number can be mapped to the either the Subscriber or Patient Loop Property and Casualty Claim Number REF segment.  

Contact your billing software vendor to help you determine where to key-in the P&C Claim Number so that it is mapped to the proper location in the electronic health care claim transaction.  

The National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) instructions indicate that the P&C Claims Claim Number should be entered in Box 11b of the CMS1500 form. This value should then map to the proper field in the electronic health care claim transaction.  However, we have noticed that some billing software applications map Box 1a to the P&C Claim Number.  You may need to check with your billing software support to ensure your bill routes appropriately