Clearinghouse/Payer ID Information

Utah Health Information Network (UHIN)

For Property and Casualty electronic medical bills, State Farm® utilizes the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) as our gateway for receiving electronic medical claims. You may become a UHIN member and submit electronic claims directly through UHIN.

Contact UHIN at 801-466-7705 ext. 200 for enrollment/connection information. The State Farm UHIN Trading Partner number (Payer ID) is: HT005054-001.

Health Care providers must have either a direct UHIN connection, or a connection to UHIN through their clearinghouse, to send claims to State Farm Property and Casualty.

Below is a list of the known State Farm Payer ID's established and used by Intermediary Clearinghouses that connect with UHIN. This is not an all-inclusive list.

  Auto Work Comp Work Comp (TX)
Capario 31059 31059
Emdeon 31059 31059  
WorkCompEDI Z1236 Z1236 or WB293 WZ624
ZirMed Z1236 Z1330  
ENS 31059 31059  

Sometimes your software will also have verbal selections such as "State Farm Property and Casualty". If you are unsure or cannot find any Payer ID for Property and Casualty call your Clearinghouse for instructions. If it is still unclear, have your Clearinghouse or software vendor email our B2B Support Team,