EFT/Remittance FAQs

  • Why can't I see an Explanation of Review (EOR) for a payment?
  • Work Comp related medical payments will not include a copy of the EOR on B2B.statefarm.com. A copy of the EOR will be mailed to you for Work Comp related payments.

    It is not uncommon for EORs to process 2-3 days after the payment is ready for viewing. If the missing EOR is not regarding a Work Comp claim and it has been more than 3 days, please contact the B2B Help Desk at 800-782-8332.

    To request a paper or faxed copy of the EOR please contact the claim handler associated to the claim. You may find the claim handler's contact information within the payment details section under Contact Name and Contact phone number columns.

  • Why can't I find any payments when I click on "View Remittance"?
  • Please click on all zip codes to view your payments.

    • You will see payment information for every zip code that has been paid under your Tax ID Number (TIN).
      • You may have to use the Ctrl-F function to “find” your zip code. Look for multiple results in the zip code.
    • Once you find the zip code and click “view” your payments will be displayed below the zip codes so you may have to scroll down to see them.
  • How do I update my bank account information?
  • Click on the "EFT Forms" link for non-medical vendors or "P&C EFT Forms" for medical vendors. Select the appropriate option applicable to your needs and follow the directions when prompted.

    *Note: Only Administrators will have access to the "EFT Forms" and/or "P&C EFT Forms" link.*