Vendor Expectations and Guidelines for Working with the Systems Department at State Farm

State Farm's focus is on being our customers' first and best choice in the products and services we provide. This focus requires us to strive to remain efficient and productive.

With this in mind, the State Farm Systems Department, which is responsible for information technology, has developed the following guidelines to help you better understand our focus and drive. These guidelines will also help you prepare to work with State Farm -- making our time together more efficient and productive.

  • General Expectations and Guidelines
    • As a vendor to State Farm Systems, we expect you to:
    • Work with the appropriate State Farm contacts to:
      • Understand our business environment, strategies, and needs.
      • Understand our technical environment and appropriately convey it to the rest of your organization.
    • Be familiar with relevant technologies and discuss with the appropriate State Farm contacts how your products and services apply to our environment and how they might improve our applications' time to market.
    • Work with State Farms Purchasing Division on procurement and contract-related activities. Purchasing will manage the procurement process, which includes issuing Requests for Proposals, contracting for the required products and services, securing pricing, verifying invoice accuracy, and initiating payments. You are expected to help resolve any issues such as billing errors, equipment damaged in transit, and other contract compliance issues.
    • Act with honesty and integrity and present a consistent message to all contacts within State Farm.
    • Work directly with other vendors when multiple vendors are involved on a program, project, or effort. State Farm expects cooperation beyond the one-on-one, vendor-to-State Farm relationship. Vendors should cooperate amongst themselves and with State Farm to achieve success. State Farm can and will facilitate communication and coordination at many levels among participants.
  • Expectations and Guidelines for Meetings and Product Presentations
    • Be prepared, and minimize the use of State Farm's time
    • Keep any presentation brief
    • Provide an agenda
    • Have some knowledge of State Farm
    • Provide a minimal amount of general company information about your company, such as history and financial facts
    • Minimize discussion of products in which State Farm has not expressed an interest
    • Advise us in advance of any audio-visual requirements
  • Policies and Requirements
    • A signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is required before any meeting with State Farm or any discussion of confidential information. You will receive the NDA from the appropriate State Farm associate in the Purchasing Division
    • Our policy prohibits installation of hardware or software on State Farm systems without appropriate usage agreements in place.
    • During your visits to State Farm and in our initial discussions, you will probably encounter confidential business information of State Farm and our other vendors. Vendors must know and follow the NDA's requirements for handling such confidential information.
    • Company policy states that employees and members of their families may not accept gifts, entertainment, or gratuities that might influence or reasonably be deemed by others to influence. Therefore, do not offer gifts, entertainment, or gratuities. Employees will pay their fair share of expenses incurred for mutually beneficial meetings and trips that are required in the course of business and in the interest of buyer/vendor relations. Vendors are expected to abide by these policies.
    • Information regarding State Farm's Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is considered confidential. State Farm recognizes that some select vendor surveys may be acceptable; however, participation in them requires State Farm management approval.
  • Confidentiality Policy
    • We expect your company to adhere to the confidentiality provisions of the NDA. Specifically, your acceptance of our request for your services and your performance of those services is expressly conditioned on and subject to your agreement that:
    • You will not disclose any State Farm or State Farm-vendor information to anyone outside your company, except as provided in the NDA and any subsequent agreement; and you will not use such information for any purpose other than the specific services we are asking you to perform.
    • You will disclose or use information we provide only according to the applicable agreement(s) and only to the extent necessary to accomplish the services that we request.
    • In the course of your business dealings with State Farm, you may learn of or have access to certain confidential, patent, copyright, business, trade secret, proprietary, or other like information or products of State Farm or of State Farm's other vendors, consultants, suppliers, or customers. You agree to keep all such information confidential according to the NDA and any applicable subsequent agreement.
  • Ongoing Technical and Product Support
    • If State Farm purchases your products, we expect you to provide ongoing, quality product support. This includes advance notification of product rollover and assistance in transitioning to new technology.
    • We expect you to present State Farm's interests within your company. When appropriate, your Research and Development (R&D) area should take State Farms needs into account. In some cases, we expect access to your R&D staff efforts, executives, and labs.
  • Assessment Considerations
    • We look to our vendors and service providers to focus on quality products, competitive prices, and added value through service offerings that may be valuable to State Farm.
    • We will assess your capabilities in the following areas as we identify our business needs and strategies:
      • Business practices: Trustworthiness, financial strength, and reputation in the industry and business community
      • Ability to deliver solutions: Ability to accurately identify State Farm requirements and provide comprehensive solutions, including value-added services as needed
      • Product quality: Performance as advertised, ease of use, integration into current environment, reliability, interoperability characteristics, scalability, compatibility with prior generation
      • Overall cost: Best price, return on investment, competitiveness, value afforded
      • Distribution channels: Distribution channels: Ability to provide products to meet State Farm delivery schedules
      • Future direction: Long-term viability, ratio of profit to R&D

This information has been provided to give you a general idea of the Systems Department's expectations and requirements. It does not amend or supersede any written agreements you may have with State Farm. To discuss IT hardware and/or software products you would like the Systems Department to consider, call the Enterprise Vendor Management Office. Contact information is provided below.

Direct requests for other additional information or questions to:
Enterprise Vendor Management Office
State Farm Insurance
3 State Farm Plaza South H-4
Bloomington, IL 61791-0001
Phone: (309) 766-6911