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Contact Us: Frequently Asked Questions

Log In & Registration

If you are the Admin for your company, once you are logged into your account, you can add/replace registered users by going to the User Admin link in the header.

Admins can also add/remove other admins, resend registration emails, disable or enable accounts, obtain IDs, reset passwords, and edit phone numbers and email addresses.

You can make changes to your own account by going to the Profile & Settings link and clicking the Edit link.

For more information, see the Admin Roles & Responsibilities page.

If you are an Auto Glass Repair facility , please contact Glass Claim Central at 800-291-8650 Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:30pm Central Time for further assistance.

If you are a Mortgage Lender or Auto Third Party, you can request access by submitting the Site Access Request Form to the Insurance Inquiry and Mortgage Payment Applications.

To submit a request to become a new State Farm Vendor please submit the Contact Us Email Form. If we identify a business need for your product or service, your company may be contacted to initiate a contractual relationship.

Vendors with an established contractual relationship with State Farm may register on the Business To Business (B2B) Portal to conduct some business electronically.

In order to register, you must receive a registration email from State Farm®. The steps to complete the process will be found in this email. You can use the Contact Us Email Form to request a registration email. During the registration process, you will be allowed to create your own specific ID and Password.

If you believe you should have received a registration email, please check your spam folder to ensure it was not sent to spam. The invite to register email is valid for 90 days after creation. If you don't complete registration within 90 days, the link in the email will be disabled.

If you have forgotten your User ID or Password, you can recover them using the links below:

For additional help, go to the Account Management page.

Working With Us

Access the Repair Facility Survey here. You will need to agree to the Legal Disclaimer and Terms, and provide your repairer ID number in order to complete and submit this form. If you do not know your repairer ID number, please log in to your account and access the form using the survey tab on your dashboard.

General questions related to RPM reports or Repair Updates should be directed to your Program Administrator.

To submit an Auto Repair Supplement, please login to the B2B portal and click the Request Supplement link. If you are unable to login, or pending registration, the Request Supplement link is also accessible from the B2B homepage and accessing the Claim Services page.

or more information on Auto Repair Supplements, please review our Supplement FAQs on the Claim Services page.

Avoid a phone call! Use State Farm Claim Search to get pertinent claim details which may include contact, vehicle, and liability information.

Questions or comments relating to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can be directed via email to the EDI Support Area.

To find out if your company qualifies for, or to obtain additional information regarding, participation in the emergency road service program for State Farm®, please reach out to

Health Insurance

If you have questions related to claim status or eligibility for a Health Insurance policy (i.e. Medicare Supplement/Long Term Care) please contact the Health Response Center at 1-866-855-1212. For questions regarding ERA/EFT enrollment for Health Insurance claims, please use the Health Contact Us email form for assistance.

P & C Claims

If you have questions related to claim status or eligibility for a Property & Casualty claim (i.e. Auto, MPC, PIP, No-Fault), please contact the claims department at 1-800-SF-CLAIM to obtain information about the specific claim or bills. For questions regarding EFT enrollment for P&C claims, please use the Contact Us email form for assistance. Once in the form, select Health Care Provider as the Type and mark Auto/PIP/Casualty Medical Claims. Then for the Reason for Contact select Electronic Funds Transfer Payment.

Medical Billing EDI

If you have questions related to submitting medical bills electronically for a Property & Casualty claim, please use the Contact Us email form for assistance. Once in the form, select Health Care Provider as the Type and mark Auto/PIP/Casualty Medical Claims. Then for the Reason for Contact select EDI/Electronic Billing.

To request access to the Insurance Inquiry and Mortgage Billing & Payment applications, submit the Site Access Request Form. For additional help and support, visit the Home & Auto Lenders page.

For requests regarding jewelry salvage, fine art valuation and restoration, or for assistance with replacement for jewelry and watch items, call the State Farm Replacement Program at 1-800-435-7385 and choose Option 1. You can also contact them via email at

If you are a State Farm® customer looking for information about business insurance, please visit Small Business Insurance – State Farm®. If you already have business insurance and are registered online at, please log in. If you have other questions, please contact your State Farm agent.

When completing the Contact Us Email Form, please provide as much detail as possible in the comment field regarding the nature of your business and your relationship to State Farm in order to help us to best handle your request.

Does this information assist with your question? If not, please complete our Contact Us Email Form and we will respond as soon as possible.