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An even more secure login experience

We'll soon be enabling two-step verification to the Business to Business website using your email.
This will give you even greater account protection by requiring additional verification (beyond a user ID and password) to confirm your identity by email.

Action: Please ensure your email address is up to date under your Profile & Settings

See the Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ for more details

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Account Management

Admin Roles and Responsibilities

  • Disable or enable the account of a co-worker
  • Obtain the user ID for a co-worker who has forgotten their ID
  • Reset a co-worker's password
  • Restrict the applications available for a co-worker
  • Resend the email invite to register. As an Admin you can edit the phone number and email address if needed.

All B2B users can do the following actions on the B2B website for their own account:

  • Change their profile information, including their security information, business email address and phone numbers by going to "Profile & Settings" and then click the "Edit" button.
  • Change their password after logging in by going to "Profile & Settings" and then click the "Edit" button.
  • Choose a new password if they forgot it by clicking on "Forgot Password?" and then click the "Edit" button.

You should promptly disable their account using the administration tool provided. This is very important and is your responsibility. If you do not do this they could still have access to your company's information. Please be aware that we may delete any user account from the directory after it has been disabled for 30 days.

No, you should not share ID's for any reason. Even if you are going to be out of the office, you should ensure at least one other employee has an ID of his or her own.

Please review the terms of use.

Note: You can add additional users at any point by clicking the blue "Add a User" button.

Yes, you can have more than one administrator. Having multiple Administrators for a business is HIGHLY recommended. This may be beneficial to serve as a backup to you. Remember that additional administrators have the same capabilities and responsibilities.

As an administrator, you can help any B2B user that forgets their ID by using the administration tool to look up the user's account and view their ID, or the user may click on the forgot B2B ID link on the B2B Log in page.

A user can change their password by selecting "Forgot Password?" on the login page and after answering a security question. The user can also use the "Reset Password" option and can be found by clicking on the forgot password link. If they continue to have problems logging in, as the administrator, you can use the administration tool to reset the user's password. When you reset the user's password, a temporary password will be generated and sent to the e-mail address on file for the user.

A B2B user account can be disabled to prevent unauthorized access to information that must be secured. Sometimes the reason is because of the users' actions, and sometimes it is due to administrator action. Here are the reasons an account can be disabled:

  • After incorrectly entering an ID and password more than 6 times since the last good logon.
  • After incorrectly answering their security question twice.
  • You or another administrator at your business requests the account be disabled.
  • The user can become disabled for not logging into B2B for 15 months.

As administrator, you can use the administration tool to enable the user's account. By re-enabling the user's B2B account, you are confirming that this co-worker is still employed at your company and still has a business need to access secure content on our website. Once you enable the co-workers account, they will have access again within a few minutes.

Call the B2B Help Desk and let them know your situation. They will need to contact the State Farm business area that your business normally works with to verify you should still have access to the B2B website. Please provide the name of the State Farm associate you normally work with to speed this process. To prevent this from occurring it is suggested that multiple Admin's be assigned to a business..

As the administrator of your business, you can use the administration tool to create a new user account for your co-worker. By creating a new user account for the co-worker, you are confirming that this co-worker has a business need to access secure content on our website. You will need to log in and then click on the "User Admin" link (top right hand corner) and then click on the "Add User" button.

Check to see if the user is enabled and unregistered. If not enabled, please enable the user and then the Resend Invite button should appear on the User Details page. If the resend invite still does not appear, please contact the B2B Help Desk and let them know your situation.