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Auto Repair Supplement FAQs

Users who have a registered account on the State Farm B2B website have access to:

  • Use the Supplement Dashboard to:
    • Submit a supplement request without the requirement to enter business name, address, and phone number
    • View general vehicle information
    • View all virtual supplements your facility has submitted via the website within the last 30 days
    • View State Farm estimate version dates and approved amounts
    • View payment details, including both electronic and non-electronic payments
  • Utilize electronic funds transfer and view payment information

A supplement request form is accessible from the homepage with no login required.

Click on the Claim Services Icon, then Auto Repair Request Supplement and Request Supplement New Request – No Log In Required.

This information can be found in the Owner section of the State Farm estimate. You may need to reach out to your customer to obtain this information.

The B2B portal is the preferred method to ensure the most streamlined processing of the supplement request.

If you are having difficulty submitting a supplement through the B2B Request Supplement process please contact the B2B Help Desk at (855) 311-2681.

If you are having technical issues with the website, please contact the B2B Help Desk at (855) 311-2681.

Please refer to the Claim Rep listed in Estimate of Record section of the State Farm estimate. The specific team and telephone number associated with the claim are provided. Please contact this team directly and refer to the claim number.