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Program Overview

State Farm's Glass Claims Services glass program is an effort to encourage competition, improve efficiency, and better manage glass only claims. The program increases service to the policyholder for the repair and replacement of car, truck, recreational vehicle, and customized van glass. All glass facilities, which repair or replace automobile glass, have an opportunity to participate in the program as long as they are able to enter into a contract with State Farm and agree to the prices, billing procedures, and other quality requirements provided in State Farm's Offer and Acceptance Agreement.

The Glass Claims Services Unit handles all of our auto "glass only" claims. Exceptions to this include Canada and the state of Massachusetts. Claim processing is handled by LYNX Services, a Solera Company, our Glass Claim Administrator.

LYNX Services' relationship with State Farm is based on a contract whereby LYNX Services provides claim administration services. LYNX Services is an independent contractor and not an agent of State Farm.


Repair Versus Replacement

Windshield repair must be satisfactory

If the customer is not satisfied with the repair, State Farm will pay for the replacement of the windshield. The cost of the repair is credited toward the replacement to avoid overpayment of the claim. If the windshield must be replaced, the applicable deductible will apply to the replacement claim.

Windshield repairs are convenient

Repairs take approximately 30 minutes. In most cases, the repair shop has a mobile service that can come to the policyholder's home or work location to perform the work. Or, policyholders can take the vehicle to a local repair facility and have the repair handled while they wait.

Windshield repair retains the structural integrity of the glass

Windshield repair is a permanent process that removes air from the break and fills it with a durable resin. The process bonds the glass to the resin, restores strength to the windshield, improves the break's appearance and prevents the break from spreading.

Windshield repair maintains the original factory seal

The windshield does not need to be removed, so the original factory seal will not be disturbed.

Windshield repair is environmentally friendly

Since the glass does not have to be replaced, less glass will be discarded into landfills.

State Farm is interested, on behalf of our customers, in holding down claim costs, but at the same time customer safety and satisfaction are most important. Windshield repairs should only be completed when they will be safe and assure customer satisfaction.

What might some of these repairable breaks look like? Here are illustrations of the small breaks that likely are repairable:

Offer and Acceptance (O&A) Agreement

The Offer and Acceptance (O&A) Agreement is the agreement between State Farm and the glass companies with whom it partners for claims involving automotive glass only. The current version of the O&A Agreement can be accessed at

Glass Companies can access and apply for the O&A Agreement by following the links listed below:

  • LYNX Services
  • Service Providers
  • Login or Register with LYNX Services


Lynx Service

Contact Lynx Services here


What are EDI and EFT?

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) allows LYNX Services the ability to send payments directly to your business's bank account. Payments can be easily tracked and monitored. Check with your financial institution to inquire about utilizing EFT. EFT provides a variety of opportunities for a business. Some are listed below.

  • EFT is an efficient, convenient method of receiving payments
  • No waiting period for checks to clear the bank
  • No paper checks that might get lost, stolen or damaged
  • Payments are traceable
  • No trips to the bank to make deposit
  • Payments are deposited even when you are closed for the day
  • EFT will eventually eliminate reams of paper generated daily related to payments

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. EDI is direct communication between computer systems, using national and international telecommunication networks. EDI messages are as basic as orders and invoices, but may be more complex information exchanges that will increase efficiency and be more effective for a business.

Invoices that are sent EDI to LYNX must originate through a billing service or a computer owned by the glass company. There are several auto glass software vendors available that offer EDI features with their software. A partial list of suppliers is available on LYNX Services' website.

Additional software and hardware is required for additional workstations. At the bare minimum, EDI increases the speed and accuracy of trading communication, and cuts costs. EDI will give you better and more up-to-date information on which to make business decisions. EDI can link your business operations more closely to those of your key suppliers and customers, to the benefit of all parties in the supply chain.

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Auto Glass Facilities

For questions related to, registration or METRYX, please contact LYNX Services at 239-479-6000, Option 5.

For business questions related to glass or questions relating to the Offer and Acceptance Agreement, please contact Glass Claim Services at 800-291-8650 - Menu 3, Option 2.