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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in State Farm's survey of autobody repair facilities?

State Farm invites all repairers to access its "business to business" website, b2b.statefarm.com®, to submit current equipment /capabilities, capacity and pricing information. State Farm considers this information when determining prevailing competitive prices for the local repair market.

I am opening a new repair facility, how can I submit information about my repair facility?

Contact local estimatics management. When State Farm is made aware of a new repairer in a given market area, we will contact the repairer to explain our survey process. These repairers will be invited to participate in the survey process and their capacity and pricing information will be included in determining prevailing competitive prices for the local market area provided they meet the equipment/capabilities criteria.

Will there be further notice to repairers of the survey process?

Repairers who have participated in the survey used to determine prevailing competitive prices have previously been notified through correspondence from State Farm that they can submit changes to equipment /capabilities, capacity and pricing information at b2b.statefarm.com®.

How will Select Service® repairers learn of changes in prevailing competitive prices?

Local estimatics management will provide notification to program repairers when changes occur.

How can I submit prevailing competitive price information?

Access State Farm's "business to business" website, b2b.statefarm.com®, to submit current equipment/capabilities, capacity and pricing information.

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For business questions, please contact your Estimatics Team.