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Jewelry Replacement


Handling insurance claims for jewelry replacement can be frustrating, but if done correctly, it can be very rewarding. We know that as a participating jeweler, you will devote a fair amount of time giving quotes without tangible results. However, your dedication to the policyholder should win their confidence and give you a new customer. Your involvement is encouraged and your ideas are requested. We want to hear from you when things go right or if they should go wrong.

Our program bases the compensation to you, the jeweler, at a percentage over our cost of an item listed on the Jewelry Replacement Quotation Form.

We believe that your participation in this program will benefit your business in many ways:

  • You will gain a valuable customer; one who may reciprocate for future personal gifts and purchases.
  • You will be able to replace a diamond of any size or value without incurring any inventory costs.
  • You are assured of quality and price consistency.

Please contact us for any additional information or clarification regarding the State Farm Jewelry Replacement Program.

You are required to keep strictly confidential any information acquired on this site. The information you obtain on this site may only be used for providing services authorized by State Farm and may not be used for any other purposes. You may print a copy of the pages on this site in order to facilitate services that have been authorized by State Farm. You may not print, copy, distribute or otherwise share any information found on this site for any other purpose.

Processing the Jewelry Claim

Jewelry Replacement Quotation Form (JRQ)

After the claim handler has spoken with you regarding the specifics of the replacement, the following procedures should be followed.

  1. The Jewelry Replacement Quotation Form (JRQ) will be emailed to you.
  2. Contact the policyholder if additional information is needed or if you would like to set an appointment to meet with the insured.
  3. Complete the JRQ and return it to the claim handler within 14 days. Please make sure the JRQ includes the following.
  • List the breakdown of the cost of each component, i.e. diamond, ring mounting, side diamonds (if you can), labor, commission, tax, and shipping.
  • List the supplier used for the main stone – Diamond or Colored Gemstone, along with the stock number.
  • All diamonds over 0.50 ct. must be quoted through State Farm Replacement Program sources.
  • Make sure that you read the “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS” section of the JRQ. You may be asked to quote one earring instead of a pair, or the center stone instead of the entire ring.
  • DO NOT DO ANY WORK OR MAKE ANY REPLACEMENT(S) UNTIL THE CLAIM HANDLER HAS AUTHORIZED YOU TO BEGIN THE WORK. Do not do any work even if the insured has requested you to begin. If they change their minds and you have already begun the work, State Farm may not pay you.
  • If you are unable to locate a diamond through the SFRP sources, please contact SFRP for assistance at 800-435-7385. You need authorization in advance of a replacement to use your own source.
  • If color or clarity of diamonds is not available, please quote based on the stone being H-I color and SI1 – SI2 clarity.
  • It is vital that you do an evaluation of what the policyholder originally lost, had stolen, or damaged. The policyholder can replace with anything they want, as long as it does not exceed the amount you calculated as the evaluation. If it does exceed the amount, this would be considered an upgrade. The insured will not be allowed to upgrade. A cash settlement should be made if the insured is interested in upgrading jewelry items.

LADIES 14K YG Diamond Engagement ring set with one RBC diamond; 1.01 ct; clarity VVS2; color H;
and 5 full cut dias .10 ct tw.

$ 5388.00 - 1.02ct H/VVS2 RBC Diamond GIA Supplied by ABC Diamonds (approved supplier). Item #AS2126-88
$  950.00 - 14K YG Semi mount
$   75.00 - Labor to set center stone
$ 6413.00 SUBTOTAL
$ 1282.60 Commission 20%
$ 7695.60 SUBTOTAL
$  538.69 Sales tax 7%
$ 8234.29

Commission Schedule

Cost Amount Percentage Over Cost Paid to Jeweler
$1 – 499 40%
$500 – 999 35%
$1,000 – 2,999 30%
$3,000 – 5,999 25%
$6,000 – 9,999 20%
$10,000 – 29,999 15%
$30,000 – and over 10%

The applicable commission rate is per complete item, not the total of all items. For example, if you are replacing a chain, a ring and a bracelet, there would be a separate cost for each jewelry item.

On the other hand, if you were replacing a diamond and the accompanying mounting, they would be considered one item. The total costs would be subject to the commission schedule.


DO NOT DO ANY WORK OR MAKE ANY REPLACEMENT(S) UNTIL THE CLAIM HANDLER HAS AUTHORIZED YOU TO BEGIN THE WORK. Do not do any work even if the insured has requested you to begin. If they change their minds and you have already begun the work, State Farm may not pay you.

If the policyholder wants to replace and authorization has been given, deliver the merchandise directly to the policyholder when the item is ready. Please do not delay giving the insured the finished jewelry item. The contract you have with State Farm Replacement Program (SFRP) is our promise to pay you.

When required, please collect any applicable deductible or amounts over the coverage limit. If no deductible amount is listed, or you have questions regarding the deductible, please call the claim handler to verify deductible information.


Please see the attached invoice sample. You can fill in the form and submit it directly to State Farm. The total will automatically calculate for you.

  • Make sure your name, complete address and phone number are listed on the invoice.
  • Make sure that the claim number is on the invoice.
  • If one of State Farm’s contracted suppliers is used for the replacement, that supplier will invoice State Farm Replacement Program directly. You will not have to pay for the stone but you will receive the commission.
  • Do not include tax on the diamond. The tax will be paid by State Farm Replacement Program when paying the supplier invoice.

Our normal payment time is net 30 days. If you experience any delays beyond that time, please call us immediately. We encourage you to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This will save the mail time in receiving your payment. If you would like to sign up for EFT the enrollment form is located on this site. At the home page go to the heading “Working With Us”. Then toggle on: “EFT Information” which will give directions regarding how to enroll in EFT.


When the claim is for a damaged item please collect the salvage from the policyholder before releasing any merchandise.

If the policyholder is interested in purchasing the salvage, they must send a bid along with the item. Likewise if you would like to bid on the salvage your bid must accompany the item.

The claim handler should fax you a copy of the jewelry salvage referral letter. Mail the salvage and letter via registered insured mail to:

State Farm Regent Commons
Attn: State Farm Replacement Program
3950 Regent Blvd.
Irving, TX 75063

The invoice for the shipping charges should be sent to us and we will reimburse you.

Invoice Samples

Invoice Sample Using Our Suppliers

Replace 1.22ct, I/VS1 Pear Shape Diamond
in Solitaire Mounting
(On Jewelry Replacement Quotation Form)
1.22ct, I/VS1 Pear (supplier memo #12341) $4,000.00
Solitaire Setting and labor by jeweler 75.00
Subtotal $4,075.00
Commission 25% 1,018.75
Subtotal $5,093.75
Tax at 6% 305.63
Total of claim $5,399.38
Less Deductible of $250.00
collected by jeweler
Total paid by State Farm $5,149.38
Solitaire setting and labor by jeweler $ 75.00
Commission 25% (diamond and setting) 1,018.00
Subtotal $1,093.75
Tax on commission and setting 6% 65.63
Subtotal $1,159.38
Less Deductible of $250.00
collected by jeweler
Total due to Jeweler $909.38

A complete description is mandatory (weight, color, and clarity).

State Farm will pay self-assessed tax for supplier amount to the state in which item was delivered.

NOTE: The prices included herein do not represent the actual prices, and are used for example only. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact State Farm Replacement Program.

To Speed Up Your Payment

Please submit a detailed invoice. When you use our suppliers, please indicate this on your invoice and notify the supplier it is a State Farm claim. They will send the invoice directly to State Farm and we will pay the supplier. If using our supplier, do not include the cost of the stone in the amount due to you.

If you use an outside vendor for stones over 0.50 ct, please send a copy of their invoice and a copy of the GIA or AGS certificate.