Mortgage Billing & Payment System

Creating a $0 Online File

When sending in a check for an Online file, it is very important that only the trace number is written on the memo line of the check with no policy information attached and/or no voucher attached so that the policies can be associated with the online file.

It is also very important to send the check for Online bills to the following address so the payment can be associated with the Online file:

State Farm Insurance
PO Box 660309
Dallas TX 75266-0309


Overnight Address:

State Farm Insurance Company
Lender Trace Payments
8225 Bent Branch Dr.
Irving, TX 75063-6028

In the event that the above instructions do not get followed and the policies get paid without being associated with the Online file, a $0 file needs to be created to sync the Online file with the policies.

  • Log in to MPBS and click on Pay Cart to be sure that there are no policies currently in the Pay Cart.
  • Click on the Payment History tab.
  • Click on the box to the left of the file that needs to be made a $0 file as instructed by Lender Relation’s contact
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Remove to Pay Cart button
  • Click on Pay Cart tab and either copy or print the policies that have just been moved into the Pay Cart
  • Click on the box to the left of the policies that have an amount due
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Remove to Outstanding Bills button
  • Click on Outstanding bills page
  • Search for the bills that were just moved to Outstanding Bills and change to ‘Not Pay’ with ‘Payment already submitted’ in the drop down.
  • Add the policies back into the Pay Cart.
  • Pay Cartshould now total $0.
  • Submit as usual even though the total amount should be $0.