Mortgage Billing & Payment System

Step 2: Selecting Bills to Pay

Upon entering the Mortgagee Billing and Payment Application, the Outstanding Bills screen will appear. From here you can:

  1. Select bills to pay
  2. Provide a reason for not paying a bill
  3. Change the Loan Number
  4. Review the insurance policy

The bills have been divided into Lender Bills and Informational Bills. Lender Bills represent escrow accounts while Informational Bills are non-escrow.

To select a bill, use either the Pay or Not Pay buttons.

Selecting a bill will move the item to the Pay Cart. When you choose Not Pay, you must also provide a Reason Code from the drop down list.

If the loan number being displayed is incorrect, correct the loan number by clicking Update Loan Number and typing in the correct number. Click Save to complete the loan number change.

Once you have moved an item to the Pay Cart, the Outstanding Bills screen will show them for the remainder of the day.

Click on the policy number to review additional information on each policy, such as coverages and deductibles.

Use the Advanced Search link to view a particular policy or policy type.

Remember to click the Save/Add To Pay Cart button before leaving the Outstanding Bills screen to save your work.