Certificate Of Insurance


Condominium Association Policy Overview

At present, a certificate can only be created for a Condominium Association policy.

State Farm has developed a new tool called the Certificate of Insurance Service (COI Service). The COI Service provides the following capabilities:

  • Captures and standardizes the name and address of the Certificate Holder.
  • Captures and standardizes the name and address of the Unit Owner.
  • Creates a Certificate of Insurance document (PDF).
  • Provides option to create Renewal Term Certificate of Insurance.
  • Provides delivery options for the certificate (Save and Print).
  • Sends notification when the policy cancels or reinstates.

The Certificate of Insurance Service (COI Service) is a stand alone, web based application that works within the Insurance Inquiry.

The COI Service provides a certificate that expires along with the policy’s term. As the policy renews, another certificate will need to be requested for the new term.

How do I get access to the Insurance Inquiry in order to create a Certificate of Insurance?

Lenders need to have access to the B2B Insurance Inquiry Application in order to invoke the COI Service. If you would like to be considered for the Insurance Inquiry Application, please add your company to the waiting list by submitting the B2B Access Request Form. Our service team will process the enrollments in the order they are received.

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