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Daily EDI Mortgagee Notification, Billing, & Payment


Mortgagee Billing and Payment System

State Farm's Mortgagee Billing and Payment System delivers electronic documents and accepts electronic remittance to all lenders, loan servicers, and servicing bureaus that accept the Mortgagee Notification, Billing and Payment (version 4010) national standard. The national implementation guide for this standard can be acquired at Washington Publishing Company. State Farm also offers a State Farm specific implementation guide which is available through your Lender Relations contact.

System Purpose

With the help of lenders, lending servicers, vendors, and insurers, a national standard was developed allowing insurance notifications to be conveyed electronically to lenders. The Mortgagee Notification, Billing and Payment standard was created by the Policy Administration Work Group of the Accredited Standards Committee and sanctioned by the American National Standards Institute and the Mortgage Bankers Association.

State Farm supports the industry’s national standard for communicating information affecting our hazard insurance policies. Because of the volume of notifications in the insurance industry, State Farm has developed automated tools to ensure each lender can have its interests protected by our insurance.

Notifications and Billing

There are six specific notifications that can be sent electronically by State Farm using the 811 Consolidated Invoice transaction set as defined in the Mortgagee Notification, Billing and Payment Implementation Guide.

  • New Business
  • Renewal
  • Policy Change/Endorsement
  • Cancellation
  • Reinstatement
  • Verification

Each of these notifications can be delivered electronically or delivered via individual paper. Exchanging electronic notifications with State Farm is a daily process, due mainly to the sensitivity of certain notices like Cancellations and Reinstatements.

On the left you can access Individual Notifications that can be sent by State Farm to a participating lender and a brief description of their purpose.


Any notification received electronically from State Farm with a balance due can be paid electronically using the 820 Payment/Order Remittance Advice transaction set as defined in the Mortgagee Notification, Billing and Payment Implementation Guide. Along with the payment amount, a number of reason codes can be attached, such as notice to bill the insured, payment forthcoming, or loan paid in full. There are 12 such reason codes available.

The movement of money from the lender to State Farm can be accomplished in two ways:

Communication Choices

State Farm supports the following ways in which to send your files electronically: secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) using TLS or SFTP(SSH). Additionally, encryption at the file level is also supported via PGP software.