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Mortgage Record Change


The Mortgage Record Change System accepts changes from lenders using the Mortgage Record Change and Application Advice (4010 | 266/824 Mortgage Record Change Notification) national standard. The implementation guide for this standard can be acquired at Washington Publishing Company.

System Purpose

With the help of lenders, lending servicers, vendors, and insurers, a national standard was developed allowing mortgage changes to be conveyed electronically to insurers. Called the Mortgage Record Change and Application Advice, this standard was created by the Policy Administration Work Group of the Accredited Standards Committee and sanctioned by the American National Standards Institute and the Mortgage Bankers Association.

State Farm supports the lending industry’s national standard for communicating mortgage record changes affecting our hazard insurance policies. Because of the speed and volume of change in the lending industry, State Farm has developed automated tools to ensure each lender can have its interests protected by our insurance.

Application Advice

Once the lender has delivered to State Farm their changes with the Mortgage Record Change, our processing will apply them to the hazard insurance policies. If the update is successful, no response is returned. However, if the update cannot take place, an exception is created and returned in the Application Advice. These exceptions are on a policy - by - policy basis. Additionally, a return response is created when we notice that information from the Mortgage Record Change needs to be corrected, such as a policy number or policy expiration date.

Communication Choices

State Farm supports two ways in which to send your changes electronically, a Value Added Network (VAN) mailbox or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) using encryption software. The use of FTP is recommended.