Mortgage Record Change

Change of Escrow Status 001


Used by the servicer to inform State Farm that the status of the escrow account has changed from escrow to non-escrow or visa versa.

State Farm will change the billing option if the lender on the policy matches the lender requesting the change. However, if the policy is on a special payment plan with the insured, the Special Pay Plan reason code will be returned in the application advice (824).

266 Data Format Description
ISA*00*0000000000*00* *ZZ*123456789*ZZ*STFM   SF00014 *021115*0817*U*00401*000000010*1*P*>~ This is the envelope segment for the 266.
  • 000000010 is the unique number for this envelope.
GS*MG*123456789*STFM SF00014 *20021115*0817*10*X*00401X132~ This is the group segment for the 266.
  • 10 is the unique number for this group.
ST*266*00000010~ This is the transaction segment for the 266.
  • 00000010 is the unique number for this transaction.
BGN*00*1800*20031114******03~ This is the beginning segment for the 266.
  • 00 Original
  • 1800 a unique number of the sender.
N1*SJ*INSURANCE TRACKING CO *FI*123456789~ This is the sender of the 266.
  • LV Lender or SJ Service Provider
  • FI Federal Tax ID
  • 123456789 is the Tax ID of the sender
N1*IN*STATE FARM INS*FI*37053100~ This is the receiver of the 266.
  • IN Insurer or SQ Service Bureau.
  • FI Federal Tax ID
  • 37053100 is the Tax ID of the receiver.
LX*1~ This is a separator. It separates the sender/receiver information from the buying and/or selling lender information. The number can increment.
N1*LV*A - ONE MORTGAGE*FI*133947742~N2*ITS SUCCESSORS AND/OR ASSIGNS~N3*PO BOX 99999~N4*ANYTOWN*CA*914100212**RJ*XX~ This series of segments (N1, N2, N3, N4) represents the exact mortgage clause that should be reflected on the insurance policy.
  • LV Current Lender
N9*LD*0000000001~ The N9 segment is the start of the insurance policy information.
  • LD Loan Number.
NM1*QP*1*RICHARDS, MARY*K~ N3*9999 WOODVIEW LANE~ N4*CHICO*CA*959267705~ This is the name and mailing address of the borrower (insured).
  • QP Borrower
REF*TV*HOME~ Valid policy types are:
HOME, PPTHO, PPUHO, FLOOD, COTHR, RDP, DFIRE, EQKP, FARM, BOAT, RCUP, PPMBH, PPCHO, PPART, BOP. The policy type will be returned in the 824 if corrected
  • TV Line of Business
REF*IG*551252837~ The policy number will be returned in the 824 if corrected.
  • IG Policy Number.
REF*NF*25143~ The company code will be returned in the 824 if corrected.
  • 25143 SF Fire
  • 43419 SF Lloyds
  • 25151 SF General
  • 10739 SF Florida
  • 001 Escrow Change
N3*9999 WOODVIEW LANE~N4*CHICO*CA*959267705~ This is the property address.
DTP*540*D8*20030115~ The policy expiration date will be returned in the 824 if corrected.
  • 540 Policy Expiration Date
REF*UA*1~ Valid loan types are 1, 2, or 3.
  • UA Mortgage Order
CRC*A1*Y*T5~ This segment identifies if a return Insurance Verification is needed. 
  • Y No Insurance Verification
  • N Insurance Verification
  • MG Bill the Mortgagee
  • IN Bill the Insured
The next policy goes here by repeating the N9 - PID segments.
SE*24*00000010 SE01 is the number of segments. SE03 is the same number as ST02.
GE*1*10~ GE03 is the same number as GS06.
IEA*1*000000010~ IEA02 is the same number as ISA12.