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Mortgage Record Change

Add Investor Information 021


Used by the servicer to inform State Farm to add the investor of the loan to the insurance policy.

State Farm will add the investor to the current mortgagee clause.

266 Data Format Description
ISA*00*0000000000*00* *ZZ*123456789*ZZ*STFM SF00014*041115*0817*U*00401*000000010*1*P*>~ This is the envelope segment for the 266.
  • 000000010 is the unique number for this envelope.
GS*MG*123456789*STFM   SF00014*20041115*0817*10*X*00401X132~
  • This is the group segment for the 266.
  • 10 is the unique number for this group.
  • This is the transaction segment for the 266.
  • 00000010 is the unique number for this transaction.
  • This is the beginning segment for the 266.
  • 00 Original
  • 1800 a unique number of the sender.
N1*SJ*INSURANCE TRACKING CO*FI*123456789~ This is the sender of the 266.
  • LV Lender or
    SJ Service Provider
  •  FI Federal Tax ID
  • 123456789 is the Tax ID of the sender
N1*IN*STATE FARM INS*FI*37053100~ This is the receiver of the 266.
  • IN Insurer or
    SQ Service Bureau.
  • FI Federal Tax ID
  • 37053100 is the Tax ID of the receiver.
LX*1~ This is a separator. It separates the sender/receiver information from the buying and/or selling lender information. The number can increment.
N1*LV*A-ONE MORTGAGE*FI*133947742~N2*ITS SUCCESSORS AND/OR ASSIGNS~N3*PO BOX 99999~N4*ANYTOWN*CA*914100212**RJ*XX~ This series of segments (N1, N2, N3, and N4) represents the exact mortgage clause that should be reflected on the insurance policy.
  • LV Current Lender
  • When adding an investor, only the name of the investor is sent.
  • 89 Investor to be added.
  • The N9 segment is the start of the insurance policy information.
  • LD Loan Number.
  • This is the name and mailing address of the borrower (insured).
  • QP Borrower
REF*TV*HOME~ Valid policy types are:

HOME, PPTHO, PPUHO, FLOOD, COTHR, RDP, DFIRE, EQKP, FARM, BOAT, RCUP, PPMBH, PPCHO, PPART, BOP. The policy type will be returned in the 824 if corrected. 
  • TV Line of Business
  • The policy number will be returned in the 824 if corrected.
  • IG Policy Number.
  • The company code will be returned in the 824 if corrected.
  • 25143 SF Fire
  • 43419 SF Lloyds
  • 25151 SF General
  • 10739 SF Florida
  • 021 Add Investor
N3*9999 WOODVIEW LANE~N4*CHICO*CA*959267705~
  • This is the property address.
  • The policy expiration date will be returned in the 824 if corrected.
  • 540 Policy Expiration Date
  • Valid loan types are 1, 2, or 3.
  • UA Mortgage Order
  • This segment identifies if a return Insurance Verification is needed.
  • Y No Insurance Verification
  • N Insurance Verification
  • MG Bill the Mortgagee
  • IN Bill the Insured.
The next policy goes here by repeating the N9 – PID segments.
SE*24*00000010 SE01 is the number of segments. SE03 is the same number as ST02.
GE*1*10~ GE03 is the same number as GS06.
IEA*1*000000010~ IEA02 is the same number as ISA12.